Best Escape Rooms In Blackpool 2022

Looking for escape rooms in Blackpool, but not sure which to choose? Here are some of the best escape rooms if you’re looking for things to do in Blackpool. 

An escape room experience usually lasts for around 60 minutes. They are a great team building exercise, or group activity.

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Escape Room Centre

44-46 Church street, Blackpool, FY1 1HP

There are 8 different escape games at the Escape Room Centre. One game lasting 90 minutes, six games lasting 60 minutes, and one game lasting 30 minutes. Which one will you choose?

Secret of the Tomb Escape Game

After a rough childhood, Brent went crazy after his mother died and moved to a hidden room. Can you escape the room before Brent returns?

Difficulty – 3.5 (beginners and experienced players)

Contains strobe lighting

The Bomb Escape Game

You are part of an elite bomb disposal unit, and you and your team have an hour to find the bomb and defuse it before it explodes!

Difficulty – 3.5 (beginners and experienced players)

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Grimoire In The Attic Escape Game

The Grimoire is an ancient book of spells and it’s been stolen! You have one hour to find the spell book in the attic before the thieves begin a ceremony unveiling the evil within.

Difficulty – 4.0 (experienced players)

Get Me Out Escape Game

A disqualified doctor is terrorising the streets conducting experiments. You awake, handcuffed to the wall. You know you need to escape the room, but can you?

Difficulty – 4.5 (the ultimate challenge)

Egyptian Escape Game

The Pharaoh Horus spent many years building the pyramid of mysteries. The challenge of those who could escape the pyramid within 60 minutes would inherit the whole of Egypt. No-one has ever managed to succeed, but can you?

Difficulty – 3.5 (beginners and experienced players)

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Secret Agent Escape Game

You and your team of Secret Agents are about to break into the apartment of MI6’s most senior agent – Jason Sinclair.

Can you find evidence of the Russians secret missions and therefore prove Sinclair is a ‘double agent’ or is this all one big misunderstanding?

Difficulty – 4.0 (experienced players)

Eye Of Fire Escape Game

In 1967 the British Museum sponsored an archaeological dig deep into the Peruvian jungle. After months of searching the treasure couldn’t be found, until now? You have 30 minutes to search for the artifact.

Grand School Of Sorcery Escape Game

Headmaster Elijah will guide you through the Grand School of Sorcery as you visit the classrooms solving puzzles and riddles. You’re on your way to earn the scrolls of Wizardry, but you only have 90 minutes!

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Blackpool Dungeons Escape Room

Bank Hey Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4BJ

Deep inside the Blackpool Tower Dungeons you’ve been sentenced to execution. However you’ve heard rumours of a secret passage to the outside. Can you escape before the guards come back in 60 minutes?

Difficulty – Challenging but not impossible

Players – 2-6

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Clue HQ Blackpool

Laser Quest Blackpool, 66-74 Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 1HB

One of the biggest escape room venues in the UK, Clue HQ offers three different escape game scenarios at the Blackpool site. Teams of 2 to 6 players need to work as a team in order to solve a series of challenges. 

Bunker 38 Escape Game

After living in an underground bunker for years due to a radiation leak, you’ve been given the all clear. The only trouble is you’re locked in and oxygen levels are running low! With only 60 minutes of breathable air left, will you be able to escape in time?

Difficulty – 1/5

Players – 2-6

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A-I-9 Escape Game

Six months after the great inventor Professor Tepet’s death, M.I.6. gained access to the lab where he kept all of his greatest inventions. They found an abandoned document called A-I-9 detailing an artificial intelligence peacekeeping program. 

After managing to recreate the program, rolling it out across the nation, robots (called ‘9bots’) were integrated into society. 

A-I-9 is corrupting the system from the inside. This was meant to be impossible. The only way to stop it is to destroy it before it can destroy us – can you get past its self-protection systems?

Difficulty – 2/5

Players – 2-6

Cell Block C Escape Game

After being framed for a crime you didn’t commit, you’re about to be sentenced to a lifetime in prison. You know who is responsible, but you don’t have the time to prove your innocence. Can you escape the top security Cell Block C and buy yourself some time or will you be locked away forever?

Difficulty – 2/5

Players – 2-6

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