Best Escape Rooms In Newcastle

Looking for escape rooms in Newcastle, but not sure which to choose? Here are some of the best escape rooms if you’re looking for things to do in Newcastle. 

An escape room experience generally lasts for 60 minutes. The games are best played in groups of two or more as you will rely on each other for puzzle solving, trivia and logic.

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Escape Newcastle

There are two locations of Escape Newcastle, with different themed escape games.

The Gate

Newgate Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4XQ  

Dead Man’s Hand

At the cowboy-themed amusement park Western World the robotic “hosts” have begun to malfunction and kill off the guests! After barricading yourself inside the Saloon you’ve found a backdoor protected by a hand scanner. 

The scanner will only open using the park owner’s handprint but the hosts have sealed this away in the saloon’s safe. You have one hour to find the dead man’s hand and escape.

Players – 2-6

Difficulty – 4

First Contact

An unknown alien has landed on Earth. Unfortunately this first contact is not friendly and it is capturing humans for sport. You wake up in a containment chamber and must escape before the alien returns.

Players – 2-6

Difficulty – 4

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Grainger Street

95-97 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5AE

Witchcraft And Wizardry

Welcome to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! In a classroom full of tricks, puzzles, challenges and spells, does your team have the magic skills to escape?

Players – 2-6

Difficulty – 3

The Cabin

If you go down to the woods today you are in for a big surprise..

Players – 2-5

Difficulty – 4


You and your team have to break the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room with the antidote before your 60 minutes runs out

Players – 2-5

Difficulty – 3

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bank vault

The Escape Key Newcastle

 60-62 St Andrew’s St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5SF


Escape the hangman’s noose in this eerie escape game based on the dark events of Newcastle’s history and played next to a real witches’ burial ground.

Difficulty – 8.5/10


Learn about the horror of the Black Death in this atmospheric escape game. Can you get out before it gets you?

Difficulty – 9/10

Electric City

Will Newcastle ever see the light of day again? Dark forces are out to keep the city in darkness.

Difficulty – 7.5/10


An asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and only you and your team can save the day. You don’t want to miss a thing in this fast paced tense escape game set in a Cold War bunker.

Difficulty – 8/10

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Exit Newcastle

67a Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SG

Volatile Labs

Can you recover the antidote in time to save yourself and escape from the deadly neurotoxin?

Save The City

Your mission is to find the bomb and defuse it in time to save the City.

The Attic

A horror themed escape room in Newcastle. You are locked in a dark room and restrained to a bench. Your mission is to make it out before the killer returns.

Florella’s Cave

Your mission is to discover lost worlds and find ancient treasure.

The Heist

Is an hour enough time to complete the heist of a lifetime and steal the diamond?

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pirate map

Pirate Escape Rooms Whitley Bay

4A Park View, Whitley Bay NE26 2TH

These are all family friendly escape rooms in Newcastle with a pirate theme. The games are designed for 1-6 players where your aim is to find the treasure and escape.

Space Pirates

Your crew have found an abandoned vessel. Once on board you realise the air lock has locked behind you and only 60 minutes of oxygen remains. 

The Mutiny

A mutiny has broken out on Queen Anne’s Revenge. You are the last remaining crew loyal to the captain but the mutineers have locked you in the ship’s galley and are planning to sink the ship. 

Can you solve the puzzle left by the captain to be able to escape before the ship sinks?

The Secret’s of the Orient

The powerful sea captain is believed to control the sea using powerful witchcraft and ancient artefacts. You and your crew have learnt of Cheng Sao’s secret lair and Blackbeard has instructed you to sneak into her hideout and steal the artefact.

The Pirates Forbidden Jungle

A Shaman has been casting spells on Pirates to steal their treasure and ships. Your mission is to solve the puzzles and clues to find the Shaman’s haul of treasure and escape The Pirate’s Forbidden Jungle. 

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